Ideas about ideas

Links to articles, books, tweets and podcasts about ideas – will be updated from time to time.

2020: Idea Generation by Sam Altman – a few questions you can ask to help find good ideas.

2019: The Bus Ticket Theory of Genius by Paul Graham – “If I had to put the recipe for genius into one sentence, that might be it: to have a disinterested obsession with something that matters.”

2018: How to Get Rich (without getting lucky): by Naval Ravikant (tweetstorm) – the implication is to look for ideas and/or develop specialized knowledge that take advantage of the leverage of code and content.

2015: Aggregation Theory followed up in 2017 with Defining Aggregators by Ben Thompson – this is not so much an ‘idea about an idea ‘ but rather, one of the single important ideas to understand about the nature of the internet.

2014: Zero to One: Notes on Startups or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel, with Blake Masters – great book, lots of interviews/talks on the web as part of the book tour – here’s a pretty good one from Wired UK

2013: The Idea Maze by Chris Dixon – ideas aren’t usually singular points, but rather part of a maze

2012: Secrets by Peter Thiel – from Blake Masters’ transcription of Peter Thiel’s Startup course given at Stanford University, which in turn led to Zero to One (see above)

2005: Ideas for Startups by Paul Graham – classic essay on finding ideas.

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